Banner Advertising – A Great Way to Generate a flood of traffic to your business


When it comes to advertising affiliate marketing or online business, there are tons of different options for you to choose from. There are some free ways, such as article marketing, video marketing and blog commenting and there are some paid methods such as PPC (Pay Per Click), PPV (Pay Per View) and also Banner Advertising. In this article I will be taking a close look at advertising with banners.

What is Banner Advertising?

If you have done any surfing online these days, then you have definitely come across some kind of tape. Whether you were to see the weather, watch sports scores last night or looking for a cake recipe, at some point you would have seen some advertising banners on the product or service.

These ads can range from anything imaginable. They can be for skin care, diet pills or some kind of make money online program. You name it, it’s probably tape it in there somewhere.

So why is it so many Banner Ads?

Bottom line is that they work. Do you really think a large company would be spending thousands and thousands of dollars on these types of ads, if they were not producing results? I do not think so.

So how do they work?

good news is that you do not have to be a big company to join with banner advertising. There is a lot of different sites out there that will help you put advertising on a variety of different websites that accept this type of advertising. The cost will vary depending on how much traffic the site gets position every day, but you can always set a budget that usually end up paying for one thousand impressions (CPM).

Why do so many Fail?

You may have heard that banner advertising just does not work and it’s just a waste of money. The people who are saying this are doing it correctly. With any type of paid advertising, there are no guarantees, but the key is to find out what works and raise. The people who are complaining that this does not obviously doing it wrong. Probably they are not targeting the right place to promote their bid. It really is a numbers game, and when you find ads and placements work, there is potential for serious money to be made. It is not a magic pill that takes no effort, but with the right measurements you should be able to find those hidden diamonds in the rough.


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