Banner Advertising – How to Get Sites in Niche Market you run ads online


If you want to make a lot of money by using this traffic source you need to make sure you are getting plenty of sites on the market for display advertising. So you will be able to get more and more visitors to your site and traffic will be varied and you will have visitors coming from diverse sites.

Here is how you can make this happen The Right Way …

Secret # 1 – You need to find sites that already provide banner advertising …

There is an easy one and I’m sure you could find one. But make sure you’re going after all the sites in your niche who are looking for people to buy ad space from them and try them out

Secret # 2 -. Make sure you go after sites that are running AdSense ads.

So you know if they are using Google AdSense ads that they are familiar with advertising and make money from people clicking on the links they have on their site.

What you do is email them and ask them if you can buy a banner advertisement space from them and see what they say. In most cases they will jump at the opportunity that most site owners are always looking to make more money from the traffic they are getting their site

Secret # 3 -. Start access sites that are complementary to yours.

Start mail the site owners of niche sites are complementary to discuss and ask them if you can buy advertising from them for a fixed fee every month. You will find that a lot of them will be open to this as they want to make more money as well.


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