Banner Advertising – The Best way to actually pay for the ads so you reduce the risk


When it comes to getting the banner round the market, you can usually buy it using a variety of different ways. In this article I want to show you exactly the best way to buy your ads so you can get the best deals and have the least amount of risk possible

How People Lose fortune buying Banner Advertising :.

The biggest problem that people have when it comes to buying banner ads they will often commit a lot of deals with positions in their market, to pay per month basis.

So what it means is they usually agree to buy an ad in a month long. Then they can get as many clicks as they want and not have to pay for each visitor! They pay only a per month basis.

This is a great idea if you know what you’re doing, but if you are just starting out and you pay 20 pages $ 200 per month, you’re going to be out $ 4,000 before you get even one visitor to your site.

And if it does not work for you for months, you now have to come up with another $ 4,000 to try it again.

This can lead to financial ruins in a real hurry if you do not know what you’re doing.

What you need to do is try to get the banners on sites that use the CPC program. That means you only pay when people click on your ad.

There are dozens of ad networks that will do this and literally thousands of sites on the Internet that allows you to use this model.

When you figure out the system at the expense of the click basis, then you can start to roll it out by paying monthly.


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