Banner Advertising – Tricks that will leave you Broke


The one big problem with buying banner advertising market can get caught in some of the scams that can easily leave you Broke and without traffic. In this article I want to show you exactly what these scams are so you can avoid this problem

Scam # 1 :. Pay in advance

There are a lot of sites in the market that will ask you to pay them in advance for a few months worth of banner advertising. It is a great idea for them, but a bad idea for you.

Because you have to realize that once you give the owner the money for 6 months worth of advertising, you have no control over what happens next. If they take your money and do nothing, you have no way to get the money back without a lot of problems.

So what you want to make sure you never pay more than 2 months at a time. So you will always be in control of the relationship. Deep discounts they offer are not worth paying for more than

Scam # 2 :. Rotations:

This is a major problem that can cause you a lot of problems. What place will sometimes do is to show you round their condition so you can see that they get a lot of visitors and then forget to tell you that you must put in the rotation and the ad will only be shown in one of 20 guests.

Make sure to ask them about their rotation previously always give them money.


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