How to Trace the Effectiveness of Banner Advertising?


in the field of advertising is very high and it is very difficult to investigate any advertising in detail. Tracking the current market scenario, it is seen that banner advertising is very famous concept nowadays, as this type of advertising uses ribbon to promote products / services through the web. The basic aim of a banner ad is attracting many people through the web and this attractive banner placed on the website. Advertisers can easily track the performance of banner ad using different devices.

Banner advertising can surely be a success and to measure this, there are different ways. Lets have a look at the formulas used by the advertiser to measure the effectiveness of banner ad

Number click :. Space for banner ad sold by publishers website at CPC basis. The visitor who clicks on the ad and move to the advertiser’s website is accepted into the list and the total guests are counted by counting the number of click throughs

CTR :. CTR technology explains the ratio of page views to clicks. The proportion of the total number of visitors who visit a particular website and click on the banner ad is administered through this technology. Generally, less than 1% CTR

Views Page :. This formula helps the advertiser Knowing how often a particular page on the site has been inspected by traffic. This helps them to give an idea of ​​the number of people who actually came across the banner ad. Exposure of the number of individuals in the ad can be generated through this technology. Most Excluded way to sell banner ad space is CPM

Cost per sale :. This helps to create a lot of advertising money spent to produce a single sale. Internet cookies are also useful for advertisers to keep track of visitors.

After working from all sides to produce an efficient and effective banner ad advertisers utilize different terms to see the effectiveness of a particular remedy. Become part of a banner ad agency to know more about the advertising banner.


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