What is Online Banner Advertising?


Online Banner ads or Online Display Ad is a graphical presentation of the goods or services through online advertising units. These ad units are called Banner advertising. Banner ads would appear on various pages of the website (also called Online Provider) or a network of high traffic publisher sites (also called as Provider Network). Advertisers can set Banner advertising his category specific publisher sites that attract visitors interested in what you are offering or the “All Categories” called RON (Run On Network). The typical size of a banner ad measuring 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall (ie 468 × 60). Most used Banner dimensions are 350 × 200 (called the Large Rectangle), 728 × 90 (call sign), 120 × 600 (called Skyscraper) and 160 × 600 (called the Wide Skyscraper). For more information about ad placement and size options, tag format, etc., please refer to the information & guidelines. Internet banner advertising has an edge over announcement placements in traditional newspaper print, television advertising and direct mail – they give internet users instant gratification by giving them the ability to instantly “click” either on the online business profile or directly to your offer to make them learn more about what you have in store for them

5 Benefits of Banner Ad Campaign :.

1. Targeted Banner Advertising Brings Quality Traffic for Less

Experienced internet marketers understand how difficult it can be to get the much needed exposure of e-commerce web site of / direct offers to prove targeted visitors . With this goal in mind, Online Publishers offering various Ad-sizes, cost models and increasingly innovative ad formats. All put together aim to achieve campaign want, advertisers can choose the most cost-effective online banner advertising rates and packages that deliver true targeted visitors to your web site at the lowest possible price.

2. Launch and maintain your name or brand.

Using a similar look and feel to deliver ads to the online market used for other business related to your content, you can utilize these ads to reinforce the image of your company to prospective clients. Even if prospects do not click on the banner ad, they still have the company’s logo, the announcement and the company’s image. This solves very purpose and the basics of advertising or marketing a product or service offers, that is, constant reinforcement of goods, services or offers to target components by applying company brands, colors and names of your banner ads. This will enhance your brand image and be in the audience of your mind, that will add value to users’ search behavior in the market. Instead of looking for a product or service, the user will type in your brand directly into the search engine to get you. Studies have proven that with Display Media along with search in online marketing strategy increases the return on investment of 22%.

3. Gives you the ability to measure performance.

Let us explain this with the help of an example. Provider Network as described above is a network of various websites issuers. To maintain ads on hundreds and thousands of websites, a network needs to have a better ad-serving technology, which also generates numerous ad performance measurement options. This ad-serving technology provides control area does not only visitors to our ad but their actions on the ad as well. This data is then needless to say when the analysis gives a lot to know about how 1) Audience action pattern on advertising 2) What size ad works better 3) Geography reaction is more 4) Review of the commercial position of the bones most customers to offer website and so on . Basically we know how effective our campaign is. When this knowledge is accessible messenger Network Ad-operations team helps advertisers optimize their bids and ad placements to improve the conversion rate. Traditional media, on the other hand, the more mass oriented but lack the ability to measure the effectiveness of the new media can and that is why this insight.

4. reaches your advertising budget.

By now you must be convinced that the Digital Media (Online Advertising or New Media) is more effective in terms of reach and audience than any other form of traditional direct advertising, including radio, TV, newspaper ads and direct mail. So let’s also give you bonus information that also much more economical as well. Online advertising at all, banner ads cost less to design and run. Moreover, they often attract a specific audience as compared to traditional advertising. Online marketing can be so varied and dynamic, the Display banners seen most of the birth of Online / Digital media, but it remains the most important place.

5. Creates highly qualified sales leads. It is all about being in the right place at the right time. Commercial network technology offers Advertising Solutions that can define geographic, demographic, vertical and many other technical parameters exist so that our ads get exposed to the most appropriate audience by strategically placing banner ads on web pages that are consistent with what the offer is. For example, a hotel or airline carrier company can show a travel package their ad on Travel sites or office supply retail store can advertise on business-related websites. When the user clicks on the ad our table, there is a great possibility that he or she is interested in what it is you are offering. As a result, you get access to a highly targeted sales leads.


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